All major real estate elements can easily be added to any page or post as a shortcode with a single click, straight from the text editor menu. As you can see on the screenshot to the right-hand side:
Real Estate Shortcodes

Real Estate Shortcodes

Below are all custom real estate shortcodes with example code and shortcode output.

Shortcode: Property Listing

Set Columns And Number Of Property Listings Per Page. Example Below Shows Three Columns And Four Properties Per Page.

[property_listing colums="3" per_page="4"]

Shortcode: Featured Properties

Mark Any Property As “Featured” With A Single Click.

[featured_properties columns="2"]

Shortcode: Single Property

Insert A Single Property Listing Anywhere On Your Site By Referencing Its Post ID.

[single_property id="297"]
[single_property id="95"]

Shortcode: Agents

Use The Following Shortcode To Introduce Your Team On Your “About” Page Or Within A Blog Post.

[agents columns="3"]

Shortcode: Testimonials

Testimonials Can Be Easily Created As You Would Create A Normal Blog Post.

[testimonials columns="2"]