Developer Services

Experience and Guidance

  • Coordinate with District/City for tax numbers and final sale phase
  • Conference with construction lender on marketing, sales and disposition of asset
  • Access to network of engineers, expediters, architects, legal counsel and financial service providers
  • Work with our preferred lenders to secure Fannie Mae approval
  • Market guidance
  • Drawing and design review and consultation
  • Condominium document coordination
  • Finishes
  • Fixture selections

Unconvering Inventory

In a low inventory and competitive developer environment, identifying property to purchase goes beyond the MLS and Internet searches. Using public record, I can identify property owners that don’t even realize they want to sell yet. From extra-large lots that can be subdivided, to buildings approaching the end of the 27.5 year depreciation, I brainstorm and market to property owners, on your behalf, and uncover hidden inventory.

Project Marketing

I have an insanely unique approach to marketing new developments/re-developments. While I would love to put it here for you to see, I would much rather present it to you in person.

Contact me to set up a meeting and I will come prepared. Very prepared.